Terms Of Service

Huntflavors helps to provide search results for products based on flavors. It does not provide accuracy of products listed. If you want more clearification on certain products listed on Huntflavors, visit the product's manufacturer site.
Account Holders
These are the guidelines for account holders
All registered accounts holders on Huntflavors must be licensed business owners or representing a business corporation.
Account holders may only upload the following products: Alcohol, Beverages, Cosmetics, Food, Household Products, Hygiene, Snacks, and Spices. Any product that does not from the list will be removed.
Any product listed on the website that does not lead to the checkout page of the external site will be removed.
Anyone who uses Huntflavors agrees not sue for any kind of loss which includes but not limited to punitive damages, financial loss etc. Huntflavors will not be held responsible for misinformation posted on this site. Use at your own discretion.
Account holders may delete their account anytime they choose.
If any of the Terms of Services are violated may result in the account holder's account temporary blocked or permanently deleted.
Terms of Service may change periodically. Check for Updates
Last Updated: November 3, 2022